September 14, 2009

I haven’t updated my journal in a bit. My grand mom died on Friday. I feel really bad, because she is one of the sweetest ladies I have ever met. I haven’t been doing great on my diet either. I had more cheat days than not and am not too happy about that. Going back to work on Tuesday was a drag, and now I am off until Thursday. I get 3 days paid for my grand moms death….so I was off today, tomorrow, and Wednesday.

I have done 3 work outs so far at the gym….not much, but it has really made me sore. The last time I worked out was yesterday and I could tell that the soreness isn’t too bad. That is great news, because I will be able to work out more frequently.

I’m really happy about the Eagles victory yesterday. I drank a good bit with Kim, and after the game we went to this local bar. They were giving away an authentic Jeremy Maclin jersey. Each drink you ordered you would get a ticket. We were only there for maybe 2 hours, but racked up about 12 tickets lol. We ended up winning! I couldn’t believe it. I never win anything like that. I don’t ever think I have won a raffle in all of my life….it was a cool feeling. I wonder what the people at the bar were thinking when we won. They were probably there much longer than us.



August 27, 2009

This morning I got on the scale and I was at 191lbs. I need to lose 2 more lbs by tomorrow morning in order to reach my weekly goal. If I don’t I think I will be a little disappointed. All this laying around is getting to me more and more….I can’t wait to get back into the gym.

This morning Kim made me the usual egg sandwich and a mocha….I love her cooking. I try to help out when I can and always offer, but she seems to enjoy it. After she went to work I got a shower, went to the post office to hand in some movies from netflix, and went to Wawa for my diet iced tea. Wawa is the best store in the world.

Last night Kim and I watched the final episode of Season 3 of Dexter. It was really good like always. I can’t wait to watch Season 4. We also watched a horror movie called ‘Black Christmas’ (the original). I have seen this movie before but wanted Kim to see it. The movie is a little slow like most old horror movies, but I enjoy them. The movie freaks me out and gets me mad at the same time, because of the ending. I just wish it explained a little more at the end.

Tomorrow I am taking Kim to Atlantic City for the weekend. I got her tickets to see Black Crowes for her birthday. My aunt is setting us up with 2 free nights at Harrahs Casino….pretty damn excited about this trip. Even though I haven’t been working, I need a vacation from laying around this apartment. The weather isn’t supposed to be so great and if it isn’t we will have a good time anyways.

This weekend won’t be good for my diet I bet, but I’m really not going to worry about that….just as long as I keep on losing every week I will be happy.

Tonight is the debut of Michael Vick as a Philadelphia Eagle. It still is crazy that out of all teams who need a QB, the Eagles landed him. I’m pretty excited about the signing. I’m not a big fan about what he has done, but I can’t blame the Eagles for that. I think if Vick shows how sincere he is by helping out the community and whatever…he will be forgiven by many other people.

Today Kim had off of work so I wasn’t bored out of my mind all day. Kim ordered me a white DeSean Jackson jersey for an early birthday present. My birthday is October 2nd, and its on back order so I will probably get it closer to my birthday. She is a sweetheart. jackson jersey  We went to Modell’s and went to the mall.  I wanted to get a new hat, but I real picky with everything I wear.  I basically like plain hats or really basic ones.  Anyways, I didn’t get a new hat, but I found a huge Sudoku book with over 1,000 puzzles for only $5.99 haha

I am the Sudoku master.  I used to think I was good, but now I am just amazing 🙂

After the mall, I got online, because there was a 25% off sale on everything from (if you want me to send you the promo code let me know). So I decided to order an Eagles sweatshirt. I also kinda made Kim pick out something with the Eagles so she could maybe become more of a fan and get into football (I wish!). She picked out a nice shirt. Eagles Sweatshirt philly

So far this has been a sober weekend, and it will probably end up that way. I usually drink a good amount on the weekends, because its when I do not track my foods. Alcohol is probably the worst thing for a diet. Not only does it have the empty calories that do nothing for you, but it leaves your ass dragging the next day. You probably won’t work out the next day and if you do it will be a struggle. Also, instead of burning the fat, your body works on getting the alcohol out of your system first….leaving that fat more easily to store. I haven’t tracked my food in a few weeks now. I was tracking at (which turned into The site has gotten worse and worse. I didn’t want to leave, because the members there were nice and I have gotten to know them. I still visit that site sometimes. Now I track food at It seems like a good site so far. I am going to start tracking again after the weekend is over. Time to start cleaning up my diet…