April 15, 2010

Today I went for a walk at Ridley Creek State Park. The park is beautiful and it has a nice trail for walkers/joggers/bikers. Kim and I walked 4.3 miles. It felt good to get some exercise in this beautiful weather. A few days ago I lifted and tomorrow will do the same.

My routine isn’t huge, but I think its decent for starters.
Bench Press
Overhead DB Press
Barbell Curls
DB Rows

I have to start doing it 3 times a week now instead of 2. I have to add more cardio in my weeks. I have to add more protein shakes at night like I used to before. I’m slowly getting back on the right habit of things and it feels good.

Tomorrow Kim, I, and a few other people are going to the Phillies game. I am sure there will be lots of tailgating involving eating and drinking. I told myself that this is the last cheat day until I go to Mexico. We go to Mexico May 1st. I know its not a long period of time, but I don’t remember the last time where I didn’t drink on the weekend, and next weekend will be a true test to me.


Friday, 204lbs

April 9, 2010

This week I lifted weights twice……..havent done that in a long time. It felt really good to get my muscles nice and sore. I’m not too worried about my weight…I feel like my mind is getting back on track. Your weight loss/diet/goals…whatever always start with the mind. If your mind isn’t there then you will get no where.

I plan to keep my routine at an every other day pace. I have been going for long walks on off days which is good. I just moved to a town where there are a ton of big hills. It keeps me sweating.

been a while

March 31, 2010

I forgot all about this online journal.

Latley I haven’t been tracking, haven’t been eating as good or working out. I gained some weight. The holidays threw me off and never got back on track. I pretty much stay around 200-205.

I need to get back on track and will do so.

Well Friday I weighed in at 196.5lbs. I am up 7lbs from the lowest I hit a few weeks ago….not too happy about that. The good news is I am not ALL TOO worried for some reason. I know my diet hasn’t been perfect and I have been lifting a lot recently. Whenever I first begin lifting, I usually gain weight the first week or two, weird.

Last night Kim and I went to the bar and drank a good amount. Its funny how good we do together…..we can do just as bad. Both of us love good foods and to drink……I guess its good we have more stuff in common. I wore a nice dress shirt and actually tucked in. I enjoy getting new clothes now since I can find things in my size. It makes me feel good to dress up and in my eyes I look good compared to what I once was. I went to Kohl’s with Kim this morning to get some pants and long sleeve shirts.

This morning I had a hangover and am really craving bad foods. I even made myself a Bloody Mary. I have never had one before, but I tasted one a while ago….not bad.


September 14, 2009

I haven’t updated my journal in a bit. My grand mom died on Friday. I feel really bad, because she is one of the sweetest ladies I have ever met. I haven’t been doing great on my diet either. I had more cheat days than not and am not too happy about that. Going back to work on Tuesday was a drag, and now I am off until Thursday. I get 3 days paid for my grand moms death….so I was off today, tomorrow, and Wednesday.

I have done 3 work outs so far at the gym….not much, but it has really made me sore. The last time I worked out was yesterday and I could tell that the soreness isn’t too bad. That is great news, because I will be able to work out more frequently.

I’m really happy about the Eagles victory yesterday. I drank a good bit with Kim, and after the game we went to this local bar. They were giving away an authentic Jeremy Maclin jersey. Each drink you ordered you would get a ticket. We were only there for maybe 2 hours, but racked up about 12 tickets lol. We ended up winning! I couldn’t believe it. I never win anything like that. I don’t ever think I have won a raffle in all of my life….it was a cool feeling. I wonder what the people at the bar were thinking when we won. They were probably there much longer than us.

Tuesday, back to work

September 8, 2009

Well today was my first day back at work. I was looking forward to it and I wasn’t. I already miss not having anything to do all day haha. People welcomed me back and said I looked real good which was nice to hear. I thought I was going to get 20 questions all day by everyone, but it was more laid back then I thought.

I was sore all weekend from one little routine I did last week….crazy. Kim and I played tennis twice which was good. Tennis is my favorite cardio right now. I even like to watch it. I am going to workout before work tomorrow. The gym opens up at 5am and I have to be in work by 6:30….I can make it.

I am going to put up some before pictures of me, with after. Hopefully this will help people get an idea of what to expect with surgery. I couldn’t be happier.

Friday, 194.5lbs

September 4, 2009

Last night Kim and I went to the bar and drank. I drank a pretty good amount….so much I lost count, probably about 7 shots of Jack and 6-7 beers. I ate a lot of shitty food too. I am real pissed at myself. I know its mostly water weight, but I don’t like failing myself. To make up for it I am not going to drink the rest of the weekend. I’m gonna eat good, but will probably have some pizza for dinner. This morning I was sore from the workout and hungover from drinking. I had about one egg today so far and I don’t have much appetite. I went for a 30 min walk and had a good sweat.

I’m tired of feeling insecure. I have always been insecure about my weight and my stuttering problem. I think way too much and I care way too much. I am tired of caring about what others think of me and putting everything ahead of myself. Its time to ease up on giving a shit. I’m not benefiting anything from it. From now on I am going to be more confident and less insecure. I’m tired of worrying and being jealous. I’m only making things worse for me. I am a competitive person and its making it worse. I’m gonna concentrate more on me.

Workout 1

September 3, 2009

I was cleared today to workout from my doctor, so I didn’t waste any time. I started the New Rules of Lifting. I did “Break In A”. I would of jumped right into the regular Fat Burning Phase 1, but I knew it would kill me and its good to take things slow in the beginning. The break in is only 5 exercises…consisting of..(with my weights)

Squats 2×15 95lbs
Lunges 2×15*(star meaning each arm,leg) 45lbs
Dumbbell Rows 2×20*
Push Ups 2×10(I struggled to do 15)
Crunches 2×20

I know its not much, but I am really feeling it. I missed this feeling. That little workout made me sweat pretty damn good.


September 2, 2009

Its a beautiful day outside today. This morning I went for a nice walk and it felt great. My hands were actually a bit chilly. I have missed the fall and glad it is coming around soon. Yesterday I went off my diet. I just ate pretty much all day. It was all decent foods, just a lot of it. Kim and I did have pancakes for dinner which was awesome. I could eat pancakes everyday.

Tomorrow I see my doctor for a check up. Everything seems fine. She is going to let me know if I can start working out again…if so I will be hitting the gym tomorrow! I have really missed it and wish I could have been working out all this time I have been off…oh well. Getting back into shape is very hard at first. I imagine I will be sore as hell after the first workout. I will take it easy though so we will see.

Today I am going to the italian market in Philly to sell some of my dvds to this lady who runs a store in there. Its a shame how much I am going to get for them compared to how much I really paid. Ever since I found Amazon I have bought all my movies and cds there…..so cheap (even with the shipping).


September 1, 2009

My weekend in Atlantic City was good. Friday we drove up in the pouring rain….hate driving in the pouring rain. We got a free hotel in Harrah’s Casino for 2 nights from someone my aunt knows. The hotel was really nice. We hung out at the hotel for a little to have some drinks, then went down to the casino to gamble. We played roulette the whole time and we both were up at the end of the night (me 80, Kim I think near 200?).

Saturday we got up early, got some breakfast and relaxed a while in the hotel. We gambled a little and I lost all the money I won plus 50. I wasn’t too happy. How was red going to hit 7 times in a row….bullshit.

The Black Crowes put on a good show. I never really listened to them much, so I only know the old popular songs…and they really played a lot of newer songs to me. They still sounded really good and I was impressed.

I drank a good bit and didn’t eat the most healthy stuff….hopefully I still see a loss on Friday. I went for a long walk today…the weather is amazing.